Brewer Q&A: The ESB

New beer alert! We just tapped a brand new ESB at the taproom and checked in with Head Brewer Matt for all the details. Check it out… Let’s start with the basics. What does ESB stand for? Matt: Extra Special Bitter And for those who haven’t tried one before, how would you describe the style? … Continued

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Take a Tour of the Brewery!

We consider ourselves pretty damn lucky to have fans of our beer that spread far and wide across the US (and world!), and if we could fly each and every one of you out to Coney Island to visit the brewery and the boardwalk, we totally would. But since we can’t, we decided to bring the … Continued

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Boardwalk Meets Bonnaroo

It’s truuuue! We’re taking the ride all the way to Manchester, Tennessee for the legendary Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival from June 9-12. We’ll be radiating positivity all week long and bringing a taste of the boardwalk to the Broo’ers Festival and beyond. Here’s 5 things we’re stoked for: The Brooer’s Festival: Duh! If you … Continued

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10 Places to Hit Up on Coney Island (That Aren’t a Rollercoaster)

Rollercoasters, beaches and hot dogs. That’s what most people think when they hear Coney Island… and they’re not wrong. But there’s also so much more to do, see and eat! If you’ve been to our brewery, you’ve probably enjoyed a beer with Theresa and Tommy from our crew (under the giant blue arrows). They’re Coney Island natives and know … Continued

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