10 Things to Know About the Mermaid Parade

Coney Island USA is hosting its 36th Annual Mermaid Parade on June 16 and we’re excited to be an o-fish-al sponsor! To celebrate, here are ten random and weird facts about the legendary day. 1. It was started in 1983 …by Coney Island USA, a non-profit arts organization whose mission is to defend the honor … Continued

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10 Places to Hit Up on Coney Island (That Aren’t a Rollercoaster)

Rollercoasters, beaches and hot dogs. That’s what most people think when they hear Coney Island… and they’re not wrong. But there’s also so much more to do, see and eat! If you’ve been to our brewery, you’ve probably enjoyed a beer with Theresa and Tommy from our crew (under the giant blue arrows). They’re Coney Island natives and know … Continued

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