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New Beer Alert!

Our newest libation to hit the taps this month is a SMaSH Barleywine brewed exclusively for NYC Beer Week from February 24 – March 4. Check out what our head brewer, Matt McCall wants you to know about the beer.

1. The beer was named after a boardwalk staple, the Automated Fortune Teller Machine! [You know the one].

2. The malt (2-row) and hops (Chinook) are all locally-sourced within New York State, making it not just a Single-Malt and Single-Hop beer, but a Single- State Malt and Single- State Hop beer as well… SSMaSSH. I know, mindblower right?

3. Usually when 2-row is the only malt used, beers will lack depth, but here we lautered off a small amount of wort and boiled it down to almost nothing, giving way to an incredibly complex profile from one single grain. The maillard effect that takes place when boiling the wort to this extent creates intensified notes of caramel, toffee and even a little chocolate.

4. Because of this profile, this beer is classifies as a Barley Wine, which is particularly interesting, as most Barley Wines require specialty malts in order to develop those deeper flavors commonly attributed to the style. Comparing our single malt version to a traditional example of the style is a great way to see how our unique brewing process makes AFTM stand apart from the rest!

5. This beer was brewed especially for NYC Beer Week, and will be on tap at the Opening Bash at the Brooklyn Expo Center on February 24th, our own NYC Beer Week brewery kickoff on February 25th and the Mega Tap Takeover at the Brazen Fox on March 1st!

Check out the full beer description and then come try it at the brewery! Plus, check out our full lineup of NYCBW events here.