10 Questions for Our New Head Brewer Jim Betz

  Did you hear? We promoted a team member to Head Brewer here at Coney! Though we’ve worked with him for a little while, we took a sit-down with Jim Betz so our community could get to know him a bit better.  Read on to find out whether hot dogs are a sandwich or not. … Continued

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5 Fave Features of Our Newly Expanded Space

Did you hear? We’ve expanded! In honor of this big project coming to a close, we’ve pulled together five of our favorite features of the newly expanded space. 1. New Art Alert! Created by local artist Danielle Mastrion, our new mural is the perfect depiction of Coney Island in all its glory, with the brewery … Continued

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Q&A with Matt McCall: BrInG iT aRoUnD tOwN Gose-style Ale

In honor of Matt McCall’s newest creation, BrInG iT aRoUnD tOwN, we’re talking to with the head brewer to discuss the beer and his inspiration for the Gose-style ale. The beer will release on Saturday, July 6. Can you give some backstory on the inspiration for this beer? To be honest, Spongebob memes are my favorite … Continued

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Stillwell turns 100 and Mosaic Underground has arrived!

The bustle of the city lives in the subway – next to the abandoned pizza slices and subway creatures, there are underground tunnels adorned with mosaic tiles, with barreling trains moving through. It was fitting for us to release a beer to pay homage to that lifeblood – Mosaic Underground, a hazy pale ale brewed with … Continued

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