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There’s something magical about theater in New York City. We’re lucky enough to be able to take part in an original off-Broadway show called The Imbible that brings you on a 10,000-year journey through the spirited history of drinking which of course started with one of our favorite beverages… beer!

Anthony Caporale produces and performs in The Imbible which runs year-round. They’re currently in the midst of a special holiday edition, bringing in the ghosts of Christmas past to the stage to tell the story. We sat down with Anthony to learn a little more about what you can expect when you come to see the show.

Tell us briefly about your history? Why theater and why cocktails?

I’ve been doing theater since I was 8 years old and bartending since college. With a degree in mechanical engineering, I was looking for something more exciting! Being behind the bar always felt like I was on stage. I always say bartending is a Broadway play performed by a psychiatrist. They are one in the same, you’re providing your guest with an entertainment experience.xmas-header

What inspired you to write The Imbible and how did it come about?

The inspiration came when I was teaching about mixology. To keep people’s attention while the lectures would get” geeky” I would incorporate theater. A friend pointed out that this is NY and people would pay to come and see something like this. It was 5 years in the making, but sure enough we debuted at the Fringe Festival in 2014 and we just celebrated 2 years off Broadway in November!


What can people expect when they come see one of your shows?

We have 3 different shows now and are working on four, but they can always expect education, music, comedy and drinks! Presented through a theatrical experience.

the-imbible-4Why do Coney Island Beer & The Imbible Pair So Well and how does it fit into the show?

Coney Island Brewery makes quality beer that creates balance in our cocktail program, but the brand is also about the experience! We use it in all our shows and specifically for the Christmas Carol Cocktails we use The Plunge as a precursor to the egg nog. It’s called “The Syllabub” which is essentially made from beer or cider (and later in history booze). The Plunge is the perfect choice as it brings an incredible amount of flavor and spice to create a delicious cocktail.

If you were to share one interesting fact with our readers about the history of brewing beer what would it be?

For so much of our history, beer is what people of all ages consumed including women, children and laborers. If you drank the water, you would most likely get sick and die. Beer lead to the gathering of people in groups. There would be no cities without beer. You’ll learn all about it at our show!

Tickets and Details

You can come check out the original Imbible (year-round) at New World Stages – 340 W 50th St, New York, NY 10019 or the Christmas Carol Cocktail Edition running now through January 30th at the Producer’s Club 358 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036

You can get tickets to both shows here: We’d also like to note that each ticket includes 3 cocktails featuring Coney Island brews! (Cool right!)

And in the spirit of the holidays, we’re giving away a pair to The Christmas Carol Cocktail! Follow @coneyislandbeer on Instagram for more info.