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Let’s face it. Winter weekends are for vegging out on the couch for as long as possible. Though we’d love to see you at the brewery every night, we can’t blame you if you choose to make it a weekend in with a cold beer and a good movie. So we’re here to help!

This winter, we teamed up with FandangoNOW to give away an HDTV, a retro bean bag chair and some FandangoNOW movie codes. See how you can enter for a chance to win and then check our beer finder to complete the perfect Weekend with Coney.

1917 – Coney Island

This one’s a silent film but it’s got Coney Island in the name. So we had to include it. via:

1977 – Annie Hall

The main character, Alvy Singer was raised in a house underneath The Thunderbolt! via:

1979 – The Warriors

A cult classic. So classic that we brewed Warrior India Red Ale in its honor. via:

1982 – Sophie’s Choice

Meryl Streep and Kevin Klein frolicked their way around the amusement park and the soundtrack even included a song called “Coney Island Fun” by Marvin Hamlisch. via:

 1989 – When Harry Met Sally

Not super obvious but the Google tells us Harry hit the batting cages formerly on Stillwell. via:

1992 – Seinfeld

The 30th episode titled “The Subway”. Where Jerry makes friends with a nudist on his way to Coney Island. Classic. via: rollingstone.coms

1998 – He Got Game

Denzel Washington on set in Coney Island. via:


2000 – Requiem for a Dream

Harry Goldfarb and the Parachute Jump. Via:

2003 – Uptown Girls

When Ray runs away, Molly finds her at Coney Island, riding in the tea cups at the old Astroland. via:

2013 – XO

Ok, not technically Hollywood but Beyonce rode The Cyclone and frolicked her way through Coney Island for her music video “XO”.

2014 – Mysteries of Laura

Mysteries of Laura was actually cancelled in 2016 (R.I.P.) but not before our beers made an appearance on the show.

2015 – Brooklyn

Only two days of the movie Brooklyn were actually shot in Brooklyn…and one was on Coney Island! via:


2015 – Mr. Robot

If you’ve got an episode of the new USA Show, Mr. Robot, you’ve probably noticed a familiar boardwalk. via:


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