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We’ve got a new beer hitting the town this summer and it’s perfect for every New Yorkers favorite meal of the day…brunch. Beer’s not typically the beverage you reach for to go with your pancakes and eggs benny mid-morning (or afternoon depending on when you brunch). But Beermosa is about to change all that. So what’s the beer all about? Get the deets from the brewer himself.

Mr. Head Brewer himself

Ok, so where did the idea for a Beermosa come from?

ERIC: I wanted to brew a unique beer this summer that had a New York City feel to it, and I kept thinking about how much we love brunch here (breakfast/brunch is my favorite meal).  Beer for brunch isn’t very popular, and I was looking to change that.  

The idea unfolded into making a beer that would emulate champagne by being crisp, fruity and ultra-carbonated. A beer that perfectly accompanies your brunch in the morning, but balanced enough to enjoy at any time of the day. 

Is the final beer what you originally intended or did the recipe change along the way?

E: Besides a few tweaks with fruit additions and carbonation, this beer hit the nail on the head.  It’s everything you would expect from drinking a fruity champagne, while also imparting some sweetness from the malt and fruit juices. 

Anything different that went into the brewing process compared to other beers you brew?

E: Beermosa contains a LOT of fruit juice.  Pear and apple juices combine to create that truly unique champagne flavor quality, but with this amount of fruit juice it took a long time to ferment.  It takes on average two weeks longer than our Mermaid Pilsner, but in the end, the patience was worth it.  Letting the Belgian yeast take it’s time and slowly eat the sugars kept this beer from tasting “hot” or “alcoholic”, which can easily happen with such a high ABV. 

Was a high ABV always the intention? 

E: It was! This beer is meant to emulate champagnes, which average around 11% ABV.  This is great to enjoy on its own, or can be enjoyed “Mimosa” style when mixed with orange juice.

So the beer itself doesn’t actually contain orange juice? Is it bubbly like champagne and a Mimosa?

Beermosa at Boulton and Watt

E: It actually does not contain orange juice, just pear and apple.  And it is quite bubbly! This beer is designed to be much more carbonated than our regular brews, which gives that champagne-like, bubbly mouthfeel. 

What made you go with pear and apple juice as opposed to the orange juice that most people associate with a Mimosa?

E: After sampling some popular champagnes and comparing them with various juices, I felt that the combination of pears and apples really hit all the right notes.  I could instantly picture the brew after tasting those juices together. 

What foods would you pair with Beermosa?

E: I personally like pairing with sweeter breakfast foods like waffles and french toast.  The great thing about this beer is that it is so versatile. It can be paired with a hearty steak and eggs, or a light salmon salad. 

All beers aside. What’s your go-to brunch food?

E: If there is a unique version of Eggs Benedict, then I’m all over it.  Although it is hard to pass up a great Belgian Waffle.  

Favorite brunch spot around town?

E: Boulton and Watt in Manhattan.  They have an incredible short rib Eggs Benedict.

Beermosa is available exclusively in the NYC metro area. You can try it at the brewery or at select restaurants around town! Check the beer finder to see who’s got it on tap.