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Have you been to our innovation brewery down on the boardwalk? If so, you’ve probably met some of the fun-loving, hard-working, beer-slinging members of the Coney crew. If you haven’t made it to Surf Ave yet, 1) what are you waiting for? and 2) keep reading to get to know some of the team behind the bar, the beers and the good times down in Coney Island.

First up, our Master of Ceremonies, Chris!

Q: New York City attracts visitors and residents from all over the world. How long have you been living in the city and what do you love about it? 

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A: I grew up in Central Massachusetts and have been living in Manhattan and Brooklyn since January 2012. I love that everyday is an adventure, you wake up and have no idea what could happen, what you’ll eat, what you’ll see, or who you’ll meet. There’s so much going on at all times. NYC is addicting!

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Coney Island? 

A: To me, Coney Island is a super cool mix of Old New York with some new elements mixed in. I love the feel of walking down the boardwalk and seeing the hand painted signs mixed with all the lights of the amusement park. It’s a unique place with a ton of character! 

Q: What’s been your favorite moment so far at the brewery?

A: The Brew Ballyhoo Grand Opening was so cool. We were lucky enough to have a number of the sideshow performers from Coney USA and the Bindlestiffs walking around our beer garden performing for our guests. We had a ton of press and support from the neighborhood and my family came down from Massachusetts to see what we worked so hard to create.

Q: Do you have a favorite beer on tap right now? What about a favorite style of beer to brew?

A: Currently I’m hooked on our New York Honey Stout. It’s a big body, smooth, slightly sweet beer with a nice punch at 8% ABV! I also have a lot of fun messing around with session IPAs. There are so many different varietals of hops to play with and it’s fun seeing what brewers come up with!

13-15-30_DSC0493 copyQ: If you had to choose…Hard Root Beer? Hard Orange Cream Ale? Or Hard Ginger Ale?

A: Hard Ginger Ale all the way, it is super smooth and easy drinking. 

Q: Would you rather eat 25 hot dogs in an hour OR ride the Thunderbolt for two hours straight?

A: While I do enjoy eating more then most things in life, The Thunderbolt is my favorite Coney ride and I can’t get enough so I’d ride that bad boy all day if I could!

Q: What are you looking forward to most in 2016? How excited are you for summer on Coney Island….

A: I can’t wait for the start of summer! The Mermaid Parade is going to be bigger and better then ever this year and I am looking forward to Coney Island Brewery being a BIG part of it in 2016!

Q: If you were in the Coney Island Circus Show, what performer would you be or act would you do?

A: I have absolutely no crazy talents and my friends and family tell me I talk a lot, so I would probably be the MC.

Q: Coney Island loves their hot dogs. Who from the Coney crew do you think would win in a 10 minute hot dog eating contest?

A: Easy, [head brewer) Eric… For a little fella he can throw back dogs with the best of em! Word has it he was a competitive eater back home in LA…

Q: True or False: Coney Island is an actual island

A: False, it’s another planet. Coney is like nowhere else in this world.

The brewery is currently open Thursday – Sunday so come by for a beer and hang with our amazing crew!