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Since we’re not able to be together for a shifty, we thought we’d send along some quarantime questions to our co-workers to see what they’ve been up to. First up, we’re chatting with Victoria Pitula.

What’s your job at the brewery? How does it look WFH edition?

Assistant General Manager. Work from home is first of all, a lot cozier. The distance between my bed and the office is just one reach away (for my laptop). I like that the dress code is a bit more lax. We can’t wear open-toe shoes at the brewery for safety reasons of course, and at home, it’s a strict NO shoes NO socks policy most days. From home, I’m maintaining our relationships with partners, brainstorming realistic approaches to events in the future, reorganizing and consolidating all the folders/documents/photos that clutter work computers, learning abundant amounts about management (and myself) through empowering self-help guides. Things I’m not loving: my new personal assistant. He is a 114- pound Great Dane that mostly sleeps on the job!

What’s the best movie you’ve watched/podcast you’ve listened to/book you’ve read in isolation so far?

Ken Burns documentaries. The man is a genius. I am addicted. I have watched most of them twice now!

Best local takeout? Drinks/beer to-go?

If you know me, I have either extensively talked about or personally taken you to Mi Candileja to eat. This mom-and-pop Spanish food restaurant has been on Mermaid Ave since I was a kid. Their Pernil with yellow rice and beans with a side of Tostones is my go-to. It’s a real Coney Island staple and an excellent place to practice your Spanish!

Have you learned a new skill – language? Cooking? Etc.

Cross Stitching! I’ve never had the time before to play around with it, but it’s so fun and satisfying to do while watching a Ken Burns’ documentary.

How are you staying in touch with your people?

I have swallowed a hard pill and have begun FaceTiming. My Pre-Covid self cringes as I type those words.

What’s one thing you are feeling extra grateful for?

The roof over my head and the technology that exists today which helps keep us all occupied.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you’re out of isolation?

Group hug!

What are you most looking forward to at the brewery post-isolation?

Having a Mermaid Pilsner with my second family (our team and all of our regulars)!