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Coney Island presents a collaboration born of the cosmos…

We’ve paired with mystical services provider Sanctuary to release a quarterly beer series, with our 2nd release coming this Friday, June 25th: Summer Solstice Pale Ale. Astrology is now part of our daily lives, because the stars are seemingly the only things we can rely on these days… that and good beer, of course.

With Coney’s history of boardwalk mystics, the collaboration is a natural fit. Starting with the Spring Equinox Saison, we will adhere to the solstice and equinox cycles with three other releases in June, September and December, using ingredients to highlight the three signs that fall within each quarter. For more information on the brewery-exclusive launch and how to buy, follow Coney and Sanctuary’s Instagram channels.


Summer Solstice Pale Ale

Summer Solstice Pale Ale is a celebration of those bright magical days that feel like anything is possible. Brewed with apricot for a touch of acidity and sweet fruity character as a nod to the moody yet kindhearted nuance of Cancer. The golden-orange color shines almost as bright as sunny Leo, with their warm and passionate tendencies, while the addition of Amarillo hops and thyme delivers a balanced piney flavor, akin to Virgo’s practical approach to life. It’s the perfect summer sipper.

  • StylePale Ale brewed with apricot and thyme
  • ABV5.5%
  • IBU35
  • HopsAmarillo
  • MaltTwo Row, Munich I, Golden Naked Oats