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Fun Fact: The Summer Solstice is less than a month away, marking the onset of summer and the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. When we were young summer was about weeks of vacation, warmer weather, Super Soakers and Slip n’Slides. Now we have adult things to look forward to… like a crisp, refreshing beer to pair perfectly with warmer temperatures and outdoor adventures.

This summer we’re excited for the release of Coney Island Watermelon Wheat! Think of it as a carefree ride that pleases the palate with watermelon and citrusy hop aromas, and opens up to a smooth, medium bodied wheat ale brewed with Cascade and Citra hops. Coming in at 4.8%, it’s easily approachable, wildly invigorating and will leave you pleasantly surprised with the subtle fruit finish.

Our head brewer Eric Hernandez is equally excited about the comeback of this sought-after Summer Seasonal. We spoke with him to get the skinny on what expect when you take the ride…

What should we expect when trying Watermelon Wheat for the first time?

Get excited! The surprising aroma of watermelon hits you first which gives way to great subtle toasted malt characteristics. It finishes with even more watermelon flavor complemented by fruit forward hops.

Watermelon seems to be a popular style this year. What makes Coney’s stand out?

We really focused on the malt. This ensures completely balanced ale and watermelon flavors.

Is Coney Island Watermelon Wheat the same as Tunnel Of Love?

Although inspired by it, we’ve revamped the recipe. It’s everything you loved about Tunnel of Love, but more badass. This beer actually has a small amount of roasted malt in it which gives it a great subtle complexity, REALLY bringing out the flavor of the watermelon.

 Do’s & Don’ts

Brass Monkey- 55 Little W 12th St New York NY 10014

Do: Drink it on the beach, on a rooftop, in your back yard or at your kitchen table (YES this is an anytime beer!)

Do: Garnish it with a Watermelon if you do so desire (double the aroma, double the fun!)

Do: Pair it with a spring salad, herb chicken or fresh fruit salad (OBVIOUSLY).

Do: Tell a friend and find it near you using our Beer Finder.

Don’t Forget to join us for the HUGE Party we’re throwing as we take over the beer garden at LIC Flea and celebrate the launch of Watermelon Wheat and celebration of summer on June 3rd and June 4th. Free RSVP HERE.