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That’s right, we brewed a beer with Ireland’s favorite tuber, the potato! It’s our Irish Goodbye, an Imperial Porter brewed with potato flakes, and it’s available now at the Coney Island Brewery.

The inspiration behind this beer is pretty straightforward. Let’s brew a beer for St. Patrick’s Day that isn’t a traditional Irish red or stout — and what’s more Irish than potatoes and beer? So we decided to brew with one to make the other. It wasn’t always pretty though. Eric may or may not have broken his stainless steel mash paddle in the initial mixing. 

True to its porter roots, Irish Goodbye has a distinct chocolate flavor that’s complimented by sweet caramel notes from Munich malt, but the real question you’re probably wondering is whether you can taste the “mashed” potatoes in the beer. According to Eric…

“Definitely! While its not like drinking mashed potatoes, they certainly influence the mouthfeel of the beer to create a pleasantly rich flavor and smooth finish.”

You’re probably going to want to come try for yourself. Irish Goodbye is available exclusively at the brewery so come down and spend St. Patty’s Day weekend with your favorite crew!